About Stuart Parkin

Studio Pic for About Stuart ParkinMy inspiration is drawn from the environment where I have spent time, either locally or further afield. My intent is to grasp a moment in time and create a sense of place. Currently I am drawn to dramatic skylines, low horizons and changing weather conditions in landscapes and seascapes.

I work in various mediums from pastel, which I find liberating and less labour intensive than that of oils, to mixed media which allows me to be more expressive and experimental and enables me to be more immediate in my approach to the work.

Coastal Sunset AustraliaGenerally my work does not necessarily follow a strict set of artistic rules. Rather I like to work intuitively and rely on a feeling about a subject. My work is a mix of abstracted and representational pieces – some from memory and some observed. I am interested in light and mood and my aim is to limit the detail and to simplify the forms to allow the viewer to contemplate the work rather than be distracted by the detail.

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